Incontinence treatment Bootle

Are you struggling living with incontinence?

Are you symptoms getting in the way of every day activities? Do you want to be able to get back to living a happier and healthier lifestyle?

EM Chair

Incontinence Treatment Bootle

Lipo Sculpt Bootle has the best solution for you!

EM Chair incontinence treatment is an innovative way to address urinary incontinence.

It uses groundbreaking technology to stimulate pelvic-floor muscles, strengthening them and improving bladder control.

This procedure offers patients a chance to regain control without medication or surgery.

incontinence treatment

Who can benefit from Incontinence Treatment Bootle?




You might take advantage of EM Chair incontinence treatment if any of the list below problems are associated with pelvic flooring issues:

Failure to control your bladder
Intimate wellness problems / discomfort
Genital laxity and also problems accomplishing orgasm
Bladder Weakness When Coughing, Sneezing Or Laughing
Menopause and giving birth can cause stress urinary incontinence.
Bladder control & sexual satisfaction

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what makes incontinence treatment Bootle so good?

As a non-invasive option for incontinence treatment EM Chair is an outstanding option for females (as well as males) of any kind of age who want to seek help for incontinence and boost their intimate life.

The pelvic-floor muscles damage as well as no longer adequately sustain the pelvic body organs as a result of aging, childbirth, or menopause and many other factors.

Suitable For Men & Women
Short Treatment Time
Long Lasting Results
Home Visits Available
Incontinence Treatment

incontinence treatment

Is an age limit for incontinence treatment?

The risk factors directly link urinary incontinence and lower levels of contentment.

When it comes to your pelvic floor, age doesn’t matter!

Treat urinary incontinence is the perfect alternative to surgical treatment.

The FDA-approved EM Chair Chair allows for electromagnetic treatment of the pelvic-floor muscles to help symptoms or medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis to improve symptoms to avoid incontinence surgery or expensive medical treatment. 

Effortlessly, thousands of Kegel-like contractions occur during a single EM Chair session, resulting in muscle strengthening. 

For most people they may experience passing urine too often or with less control.

There is more than one type of bladder function issues.

Is EM Chair a proven and reliable treatment for incontinence?

It can address urinary incontinence caused by emotional or physical stress and improve the quality of life post-childbirth.

However, if you have a pacemaker, metal plates on your hips, defibrillator, or a copper coil or IUD, EM Chair treatment is contraindicated. Reach out to us for more information on treatment options in such cases. 

Who should not undergo EM Chair incontinence treatment?

Individuals with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers, screws or plates should avoid this therapy due to the use of HiEMT ® technology by the EM Chair device. Additionally, pregnant women and those with a metal IUD, such as copper, should refrain from using EM Chair. 

What is incontinence?

Incontinence refers to the lack of control over urine flow. Weak pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in supporting pelvic organs and maintaining continence. Urinary incontinence can be categorized as stress urinary incontinence when bladder leakage occurs due to stress on the bladder, often triggered by sneezing or coughing.

Another category is urge urinary incontinence, characterized by a strong, sudden urge to urinate frequently. 

What causes incontinence?

It is a combination of stress and urge incontinence. Factors like menopause, vaginal delivery, and aging can weaken pelvic floor muscles, leading to urinary incontinence.

Strengthening these muscles through EM Chair treatment can help alleviate symptoms. Exercise and lifestyle changes may also contribute to improving your condition. 

Why does EM Chair incontinence treatment work so well?

Pelvic floor muscles provide structural support and regulate urinary incontinence. EM Chair treatment uses High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Energy (HiEMT ) to stimulate and strengthen the entire pelvic floor muscle group, including muscles that cannot be exercised voluntarily, like in Kegel exercises. 

EM Chair incontinence treatment strategy:

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles restores confidence in performing daily tasks. Each 28-minute session in the comfortable EM Chair incontinence treatment chair generates thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles.

It is equivalent to performing 11,000 pelvic floor exercises effortlessly. 

What to expect during EM Chair incontinence treatment:

You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. You may feel a mild tingling sensation but no recovery time is required after each session, allowing for an immediate return to your normal routine.

Typically, the best results are seen after six treatments over three weeks, with noticeable improvements after two or three sessions.

Incontinence Treatment Bootle From Lipo Sculpt

No! No needless, no drugs, totally non invasive

Under 30 Minutes

Course Of 6 Sessions

Treatment is extremely pleasurable. There is no downtime

Regains control of the bladder & the pelvic muscles.

What Is Incontinence Treatment Bootle?

Incontinence Treatment EM Chair Bootle is a non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence and pain of the pelvic flooring muscle mass that uses the EM Chair gadget. 

High-intensity focused electromagnetic (HiEMT ) frequencies are utilized in the EM Chair chair to independently target muscular tissues of both bladder necks along with pelvic floors and bowel movements without major surgery and you can achieve pelvic floor muscle training.


Basic kegel workouts create muscle contraction and launch with this technique. For each and every therapy, the muscles are worked out to the matching of 11,000 kegel workouts!

For deep pelvic floor stimulation, HiEMT ® * modern technology is made use of in Incontinence Treatment .

However, we suggest loose-fitting apparel during Incontinence Treatment so that you can obtain the most effective positioning feasible.


At first you will really feel prickling as well as vibrations in your pelvic flooring muscular tissues that proceed right into complete contractions as the Incontinence Treatment proceeds –

This is likely to be an entirely pleasant and bearable experience. Allow your mind stray, check out a publication or watch tv during this 28-minute session. Going back to normal tasks is possible after the therapy.

When it comes to ladies Incontinence Treatment EM Chair the muscle mass that sustain the pelvic flooring compromise with age, pregnancy, and also menopause, females are more probable to experience urinary incontinence.

With regards to Incontinence Treatment EM Chair the muscles of the pelvic floor offer insufficient assistance for the body organs of the pelvis and interfere with the capacity to manage one’s bladder.

The hundreds of supramaximal tightenings per session provided by Incontinence Treatment EM Chair efficiently promote the muscle mass of the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor muscle mass as well as the bladder are gained back after stimulation.

Male Incontinence Treatment only in cases where incontinence and/or intimate health have been damaged by infections, prostate cancer cells, or tension.
revealing the weak pelvic flooring of an adult male
Therefore, bladder control can be influenced by weakened Pelvic floor muscles.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment

EM Chair is a revolutionary treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to help men with erectile dysfunction. This therapy works by stimulating the muscles of the pelvic floor which are responsible for supporting the bladder, rectum, and other organs.

The stimulation helps to strengthen and tone these muscles, resulting in improved muscle control and coordination.

This, in turn, can improve erectile function and urinary continence in men.

Additionally, it can help reduce symptoms such as pelvic pain and incontinence associated with ED as well.

For stress incontinence, female stress incontinence, male urinary incontinence and mixed incontinence can be caused by an underlying health condition where you will pass urine to quickly but there are non surgical treatments available.

Why Choose Incontinence Treatment Bootle?

EM Chair incontinence treatment for urinary incontinence

A revolutionary, non-invasive and comfortable physiotherapy treatment is available in the form of the EM Chair chair.

  • Urinary incontinence affects both men and women.
  • Those who suffer from postpartum stress incontinence.
  • Women who report feeling less sexually satisfied.

The EM Chair incontinence treatment has been endorsed by some of the world’s most renowned gynaecologists, and the results are truly remarkable and also pain relief.

Best of all you can go home right after treatment. 

See advice from a healthcare professional before you proceed with treatment options as they will be able to check all medical history.